Get To Know Us


 Marcel Gendron, President
I  suppose my first introduction to riding I would have been 10 or 11 riding my cousins 80cc dirt bike in the church gravel parking lot behind his house.  Good times.  After that I remember clearly our uncle riding a Goldwing and all of us would love taking turns on the back for family trips.  My first road bike was a Yamaha 650 Special I rode a couple years in the early 90s before crashing (My Fault).  Lost the nerve to ride for quite some time but always had the desire to.  2015 I saw the Scouts returning and fell in love.  Picked up a Yamaha V-Star 650 and rode for 1 season then in 2016 sold that and bought my Scout.  Love riding and love the people I get to ride with.
Chris Larsen, Vice President

At the age of 15, I was compelled to buy my first street bike.  The late 1968 model 250cc two stroke was not much of a bike, but it had a motor and two wheels so I was in. My neighbors must have loved me as I spent weeks driving up and down the road trying to get the front wheel off the ground (to this day, I’m not sure I ever did). Not known at the time, but both father and grandfather had always ridden and continued until age would no longer permit so two wheels is in my blood. In my 40+ years of riding I had only 1 year with no bike. Road tours include Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Saskatchewan & Alberta. Current ride is the Back & Chrome Indian, 2017 Chief Vintage (Nickname- Dreamer), and she is here to stay.

 Tim Bouzovetsky, Treasurer
I started my riding career at 11 on a green minibike with a 3hp Tecumseh pull start engine. Loved it so much that I’m still riding 48 years later. I brought Willow home on May 6th of 2017 after a lengthy courtship. When I sat on the Willow Green and Cream Vintage at the 2016 show my buddy Jeff commented that this was the bike for me. When asked why he said that he replied “Dude, you should see the smile on your face.” I sat on another one at the 2017 show and I knew this was the one I had to have. I’ve ridden a variety of bikes over the years and have settled on Indian because of the history, the quality and the way she makes me smile when we are bonding on a winding road. Looking forward to a great riding season this year! Cheers!
Tyrone Wiens, Membership Director  
Audrey Burm, Secretary
My earliest memory of riding a motorcycle was when I was about 12 years old. My brother and I would take turns riding our Suzuki 80 from the lakeside where our family was camping to the Kilby General Store. It was a blast! I didn’t ride after that until 2017 when I decided to get my MC license to ‘keep up with the Joneses’…aka my sister-in-law. My husband bought me ‘SPARK’ a black Honda Rebel 250. I practiced and practiced and watched copious Youtube videos. I passed the exam with flying colours. It was euphoric! Now I ride ‘SCOOCH’ my red with tan leathers Indian Scout…and I thought SPARK was big! Now my husband and I ride together. We ride with my brother who recently started riding again, and YES….my sister-in-law! LOVE TO RIDE!
Cat Ablett, Marketing Director 

I came into motorcycles later in life, following a particularly challenging series of life events. My first time on a bike was with a good friend of mine at the ripe age of 37. I was mesmerized by the experience. We were stopped to take a break, and he said I should get my license. And I thought – why not? So I did. My birthday present to myself that year was motorcycle lessons through a local accredited school. One month from the day I started classes, I had my full license, and exactly one month after that I bought my dream bike – a 2017 Indian Scout.
I’m so proud to be part of this incredible community! I love to help all riders, but particularly women riders, discover a love of our craft from the pilot seat.
 Ron Bertoncini, Web Director
I started riding about ten years ago. My first street bike was a 2001 Honda CBR 600 F4i. I had a lot of fun on that bike but after 8 years I decided to sell it and take a break from riding.  After two years I was itching to get back on a bike but I was now looking for something a little less sporty. After test riding a few different bikes and a lot of online research I decided to go with the Indian Scout. I’ve only had it a short while now, but it’s been a blast to ride!
 Les Burm, Safety Officer
My first bike was a Honda CR125 dirt bike that I road around our turkey farm in Surrey. Then I hit the road with a brand new Honda 250XL on/off road bike.  Loved being able to go anywhere with it. A few years after getting married I stopped riding, started a family and kids became my life. Then in 2016 I got the idea it would be great to ride again and got my current Indian Springfield.  Love anywhere I go with it. My wife has a Scout and together we are riding and meeting great people that also enjoy Indian Motorcycles.
Eric Morrison, Road Officer
I wasn’t even old enough to ride a bicycle, when we got our first motorcycle, a 1969 Honda QA50. After learning to ride my brother and I created a dirt track near the rear of our property, complete with jumps, tight turns, and wide open straights. The only problem was we had to share the track with our chickens, (moving obstacles). Some years later my father bought a street bike, he used to take me for rides through the countryside. I believe that is where I really fell in love with open roads and the freedom a motorcycle offers. I’ve continued to ride motorcycles throughout my life, owning a wide variety of brands and styles. My daughter got me hooked on the Indian brand, as she always wanted to go to the dealership, to check out (play with) the new models. I purchased my 2017 Chieftain late in the season, it was torture having the bike sit in the basement waiting for the next riding season. I’m on my second season now with this machine and couldn’t be happier. Joining a rides group has opened up many opportunities from planned rides, meeting other people with similar interests, contributing to the community, and most important of all having a good time.
Terry Trodd, Road Captain  
Ronni Johnson, Road Captain  
Geoff Roberts, Road Captain